Live Schedule

Upcoming 2018


26// activating installation by Annie Tådne at Norberg Festival, Norberg


10// Fake Synthetic Music at Dampfzentrale, Bern

12// Fake Synthetic Music at GRM, Paris

19// In C-Section at DNK/Broedplaats Lely, Amsterdam

26// New Piece at Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole



26// With Annie Tådne at Norbergfestival, Norberg



Previous 2018


28// Fake Synthetic Music at Intonal Festival, Malmö


5// The Joh Show live at Cashmere Radio



Previous 2017


1// Native Instrument at Raum, Bologna

2// Native Instrument at Standards, Milan


7// Tunings premier at Sound of Stockholm, Stockholm

8// Fake Synthetic Music at Sound of Stockholm, Stockholm

14//Fake Synthetic Music at Sophienkirche, Berlin

23// With Rhodri Davies and ensemble at Hcmf, Huddersfield

24// Fake Synthetic Music at NEXT festival, Bratislava

25// Fake Synthetic Music at Electrify, Budapest


6// Native Instrument at Blaues Rauschen, Herne

14// with Holly Herndon at Unsound, Krakow

19// Fake Synthetic Music at LUFF, Lausanne

21// Fake Synthetic Music at Remai Modern, Saskatoon

25// Native Instrument at KRAAK, Brussels


14// Fake Synthetic Music at Rokolectiv x SHAPE, Bucharest


15// Fake Synthetic Music at Jardins Efémeros, Viseu


23// Fake Synthetic Music at Terraforma, Milan

25// Fake Synthetic Music at Knockdown Centre, NYC


13// Technosphärenklänge #3 with cellF at HKW, Berlin


11// Premiere of Lemuria with Lemur at Borealis Festival, Bergen


2// Fake Synthetic Music at CTM festival, Berlin, DE

10// Native Instrument at Forth With festival, Winnipeg, CA


29// Native Instrument at OTB opening weekend, Berlin

Previous 2016


7// Fake Synthetic Music at Novas Frequencias, Rio de Janeiro


6// Native Instrument at Ableton Loop Summit 2016, Berlin

12// Fake Synthetic Music at Cynetart, Dresden

20// Native Instrument at La Monnaie, Brussels


2// Fake Synthetic Music at HS63, Brussels

6// Upsweep Whistle Bloop at Sound of a Cage Festival, Stavanger

7// Fake Synthetic Music at UH Fest, Budapest

21// Fake Syntetic Music at Unsound Festival, Krakow

28// Fake Synthetic Music at Insomnia, Tromsø


7// Fake Synthetic Music at Gerlesborg Kunstskola, Gerlesborg

8// Fake Synthetic Music at Skövde Konstmuseum, Skövde

9// Fake Synthetic Music at Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg

15// The Subjective Frequency Transducer at International Dance Centre, Shape showcase x  Rokolectiv, Bucharest


6// Native Instrument at By The Lake Festival, Berlin

10// Fake Synthetic Music at Bergen Kunsthall in collaboration with Ludo Sounds and Entree Gallery, Bergen

25// Native Instrument at Berlin Atonal , Berlin

27// Native Instrument at Météo Festival, Mulhouse 

31// Konzert Minimal at Insub Festival:Orchestres, Geneva


13// Native Instrument at Labor Sonor, Berlin

18// Fake Synthetic Music and artist talk with Joan la Barbara, Nicholas Bullen and Sue Tompkins at Kunsthall Oslo

24// Fake Synthetic Music at NMASS, Austin

25// Duo with Sarah Hennies at NMASS, Austin


10// Upsweep – Whistle – Bloop premiere at Nordischer Klang, Greifswald

21// Performing new piece by Catherine Lamb w/Ensemble Neon at Tectonics Festival, Oslo

24// Solo at Club Aristids, Riga

27// Landscape with Figures at Classical Next, Rotterdam


9// In Labour at Borderline Festival, Athens

15// Stine II at Loophole, Berlin

21// Native Instrument at Rokolectiv Festival, Bucharest

22// Konzert Minimal performs Antoine Beuger, Van Riel Tunings for 15 players at Salon am Moritzplatz, Berlin


9 – 13// INCORPORATE w/Lasse Marhaug & Greg Pope at Borealis Festival, Bergen

21// Stine II at Folken, Stavanger

30// Native Instrument at Ausland, Berlin


2// Native Instrument at Blow Out!, Oslo

6// Native Instrument at CTM, Berlin

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