Pica Disk

Released may 2014.

The recordings were made at various outdoor and indoor locations in Norway during the summer and autumn of 2013. The idea was to place Stine in challenging sonic environments, and to explore how the surroundings affected the performances. The locations were picked for their sonic qualities.

In Labour is both a solo voice and a field-recording album at the same time, but it is quite different from what either of these usually sound like.

In Labour is released by Pica Disk April 2014 on 180 gram vinyl LP. Distributed in Europe by Metamkine []

Side A:
1. Sorting it all out
2. The Day After
3. Sleepwalker
4. NNN
5. The Foehn
6. Can’t get any closer

Side B:
1. Test
2. Late Breakfast
3. Sounds From Cage
4. On Display
5. Nuisance Body Liquids
6. Condemnation Falls Through
7. Labouring

dense promotion - Forster Str. 50 - 10999 Berlin - - +49 30 27 59 64 85






Released May 2014

OK, wow was recorded over two days in a wooden church outside Bergen. With the sounds of kindergarden children and the very special and insisting Bergen rain forcing itself onto Stines vocal performance a rare intensity was created. The image of the the lone singer, meeting, responding to and filling a space, made the entire session a vivid analogy of +3DBs work with improvisors. Touching the very essence of what improvisation is about, the six tracks maps out different ways to grasp what and who a voice really is. Motlands musical ancestors are many and important, but her sonic precision, clarity of intent and human fragility makes this album stand out. Recorded by Bjørnar Habbestad and Sindre Sortland. Edited and mixed by Habbestad. Mastered by Jeff Carey. Produced by Bjørnar Habbestad.


1. Кижи бүрүзү хɵɵмейлеп шыдавас

2. All Ball

3. I

4. Herz

5. Kroken

6. II

7. Alt det overflødige renner ut

8. Fanfare på ferde

9. Monk

10. Nicht jeder kann ein dramatischer koloratursopran sein



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